Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last night there was an amazing thunderstorm here in malmö, and I and my great friend decided to go out and stand in an open field.. that was amazing and stupid, but hey it's me.. and I still live hahaha

Oh, by the way I just have to mention that I went to see David Icke when he was in Stockholm, and that was so inspiring..

it's time to spread the information about the illusions, the holographic reality and the truth vibration..

And finally I have a summer break from Uni, It feels so nice, except I'm not used to it. And probably I'll have 1 week of hard labour this summer and during the rest of the time I'll finish some drawings, read, practice on my tai chi and enjoy the blessings of life..

We are blessed only if we dare to be..

Love life and life will love you!

Bless and love to all!

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